Futurality is a business simulation that enables the students to learn how to start and run a small or mid-size company. It combines the Futural ERP system and a virtual business environment.

The business environment consists of service providers, wholesalers, customers, authorities and a bank. The learners start fictional companies and trade with other student and administrator-run companies and manage their own business. The game-like business environment is suitable for example to higher education and it has been piloted with the Tampere technical university.

The tools and services of the virtual environment

  • ERP system
  • Online bank
  • Wholesalers
  • Office spaces
  • Communication and information technology
  • Power plant
  • Logistics
  • Insurances
  • Health services
  • Local media

Learning by doing

The business life is in constant turbulence and constantly changing. The business professional of the future has to be able to make quick decisions and understand the big picture. You have to know how to do things not only learn them in theory. The work life appreciates the ability to search for new information and the ability to utilize it in practice. These skills are acquired in the experiential learning environments.