Futural Skills is a mobile application for tracking the development of professional skills. It won eLearning solution of the year in Finland in 2018. The learning plan is presented in a visual format from the degree to smaller sections and further to skills. It can be based on a specific curriculum or customized to fulfill the needs of the organization or a student group.

In addition to educational institutions, learning takes place in workplaces, homes, hobbies and several other environments. All learning should be traced to build and visualize the skillset of the learner.

Futural Skills enables keeping track of those skills. In Futural Skills, the students have the responsibility of their own learning. They follow their learning path in the simple, visual interface and register their learning results with photos, videos and short descriptions. They can use the application with mobile phones, pads or computers. The teacher reviews and gives feedback on the deliverables.

The teacher can easily follow his/her whole group and their individualized learning paths. There are simple, visual metrics that indicate whether the student is proceeding faster than expected or lagging behind. The teacher can concentrate on the students that need more guidance.

In the end of the studies, or even during their studies, the students can create a portfolio of their accomplishments. It can be used for example as an attachment to a job application to show concrete proof of the skills acquired. The porfolio also visualizes to the student what he/she has learnt and helps in building the professional identity.

Futural Skills can be integrated to Moodle learning management system.

Individualized learning paths

  • The student understands the outlines of his/her studies and sees his/her progress
  • The professional identity develops, when learning is made visible
  • Learning results are measured instead of attendance
  • Skills acquired in different learning environments get registered and utilized as part of the studies
  • A fast and individual student can graduate faster and the student needing more guidance can proceed at his/her own pace

Competence based guidance

  • All learning gets registered and can be utilized later
  • Assessing the learning becomes easier when the results are presented in a concrete format
  • The teacher concentrates on the students that need the most guidance
  • Individual coaching and guidance becomes possible when the teacher doesn’t have to spend time in trying to keep everything under control
  • The teacher detects the strengths and challenges of the students faster
  • It is easier to specify individualized learning objectives

Cooperation with the workplaces

  • The workplace instructor and the teacher can both follow the student’s progress in the same system
  • The student can present his/her skills in a concrete way through the portfolio
  • The teacher focuses on guiding those in need

Try it yourself!

Try the Futural Skills -system in the demo (presently in Finnish)